College Advising Director

The College Advising Director works individually with each student to steer them through the college search and application process.  In addition to individual & family meetings, all Juniors and Seniors are assigned to a semester-long College Advising course.

Cheverus recognizes that all students complete the college selection process at different rates. Ninety-nine percent of Cheverus students enroll in an undergraduate program after graduation. Students will be supported in their college search, provided standardized test taking strategies, and become familiar with application basics and organizational methods that will make the college search an enjoyable learning experience. 

College Advising provides a weekly program during the second semester of junior year and the first semester of senior year. The program prepares students for the task of exploring post-secondary options and understanding how the college application process works, ultimately concluding with a plan for life after graduation. Informational nights, one-on-one meetings, group meetings, college admission representative visits, and fairs are scheduled throughout the year to support students as they explore their post high school undergraduate options.

Annual College Advising Programs

  • Kick-Off for Juniors and their Parents
    A 30-minute pep talk to make the most of junior year -- Juniors & their Parents (Late August)

  • College Application Kick-Off Sessions
    Get your applications started early -- Seniors (Late August)

  • College Advising Program
    A comprehensive curriculum for the college application process -- Seniors (1st semester)

  • College Application Information Night
    What to do and when, plus who does what -- Senior Parents (September)

  • Fall Visit Season
    100+ college reps visit Cheverus to meet with applicants & those interested in their college -- Juniors & Seniors (Sept-Nov)

  • Ahern Scholarship Application
    Cheverus awards one senior a $30,000 college scholarship -- Seniors (November)

  • Super Scholarship Saturdays
    Get expert advice while applying for outside scholarships -- Seniors (November, January)

  • College Advising Program
    A comprehensive curriculum for the college planning process -- Juniors (2nd semester)

  • Junior Family Meetings
    30-minute family meetings to get to know juniors and set goals for the college planning process -- Juniors & their Parents (December-March)

  • College Information Night
    How to manage the college planning process by planning ahead for standardized testing & campus visits -- Junior Parents (February)

  • SAT Prep Course
    Prep course to prepare for the SAT  -- Juniors (April)

  • Paying for College Night

    Learn insider tips on how to target the right colleges for your family’s budget. Learn about the one form required for financial aid, the FAFSA, with an expert from FAME Maine who will cover the basics of applying for financial aid and getting early estimates -- All Parents (April)