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Mission Statement

An inclusive Jesuit Catholic college preparatory school, Cheverus teaches students to be people for and with others and to pursue intellectual, 精神上的, physical and personal excellence for the greater glory of God.


目的 & Objectives of Cheverus High School


Cheverus High School is a private, Catholic college preparatory school which exists to educate the students of Southern Maine according to the 500-year-old Jesuit tradition of excellence in education. The purposes and objectives of the school find their inspiration in the insights of the founder of the Jesuits, St. Ignatius of Loyola (1491-1556). Ignatius' vision of the “magis” challenges the entire Cheverus community to seek the “greater good” and to embody this vision by becoming men and women for others.


Cheverus High School desires all members of the school community to examine their religious feelings, understandings, and beliefs with a view toward choosing a funda精神 orientation toward God, and to strengthen their relationship with the Catholic tradition or their own religious tradition. Cheverus regards the education of character (moral and 精神上的 education) as its most important purpose and objective as a school. The school works to implement the objective through a doctrinally faithful and morally challenging program of religious education and through liturgies, 撤退, and community service. As a Christian community, its goal is the imitation of Christ through kindness, respect of self and others, openness and concern for all others regardless of sex, 比赛, 宗教, national origin, Social or economic class.


Through the structure of its college preparatory program, Cheverus High School strives to develop the potential of each student, preparing the young person for further education. The faculty structures each course according to disciplines, rigorous standards, requiring serious effort from the students. To challenge gifted students, Cheverus maintains both advanced placement and honors sections in most academic disciplines. For the student of demonstrated need, the school provides study skill development through sources in funda精神 college preparatory skills. Cheverus encourages achievement of all its students through a variety of incentives and honors.


Cheverus High School considers an important part of its mission to be the awakening and development of an appreciation of the beautiful and the encouragement of the students’ artistic and creative abilities.


Through an extensive program of both intramural and intermural scholastic sports, Cheverus High School fosters the physical growth and development of its students. The school encourages student-athletes to embody true sportsmanship, treating others with respect. The primary purpose of the Cheverus athletic program is to promote the physical, 精神, Social, emotional and moral well-being of its participants, in order that they may attain a deeper appreciation of their God-given talents, and learn how these talents may benefit not only themselves but others.


Cheverus High School encourages its students to be “people for others” -- persons who find happiness in sharing their talents, especially with those who are less fortunate than they. By involving its students in carefully supervised projects and programs, the school fosters growth in self-esteem, empathy toward others and personal maturity. By teaching its students to be sensitive to the disparate needs and expectations of their peers, teachers and families, Cheverus helps its students to become Socially responsible members of their communities.